Our Ultimate Top 5 Best Sellers

Here at Martha Jackson, there’s certain items we see flying off the shelves time and time again. We’ve rounded up five of the favourites for you to feast your eyes on:

1. Sterling Silver Secret Message Ring – £20

Bang at the top of our list is our sterling silver secret message ring. With an option to add your own secret text inside the ring, it’s easy to see why these have been such a hit. 

2. Mixed Metal Spinning Hearts Ring – £35

Our spinning rings caused quite a stir when they first launched in 2015. And this particular number has remained at the top of our best sellers list. You guys seem to love wearing these as thumb rings and finger toppers!

3. Silver Vintage Heart Locket – £37

 The perfect gift? You guys seem to think so. The vintage charm of this locket and the many ways that it can be personalised, has sent it soaring into our top five. 

4. Sterling Silver Angel Wings Earrings – £18

When you combine trendy with a symbol of love and protection, a best seller is born. These earrings have been selling like hot cakes since day one.

5. Sterling Silver Star Ear Crawlers – £24

One of our newest additions, these trendy ear crawlers have quickly moved their way up to a top spot on our list of best sellers. 

So, there we have it. That’s the lot. Which is your favourite? Fancy any of these for yourself? Or perhaps there’s a birthday or special occasion coming up that these would be perfect for? Let us know in the comments!