About Martha Jackson

We offer premium sterling silver jewellery at affordable prices. Our unique, elegant designs are inspired by nature.

Early mornings on the market stalls may be in the past now, but the ethos of Martha Jackson is stronger than ever.

 It was through trading on markets and at festivals back in the early 2000s when Marcus and Jim first met (pictured), at first helping each other out before solidifying their partnership with Martha Jackson.

 Still driven by the passion of travelling, all our jewellery is either, designed and made by us, or cherry picked from artisan jewellery makers to bring you the best designs we can. We love designing and working with these jewellers, who are often running small family businesses. They offer unrivalled quality and a passion which is second to none

 Honesty and integrity are key to us and by building relationships with our jewellery makers and seeing the workmanship that goes in to developing our ranges, we can offer you beautiful jewellery collections inspired by nature and elegance which are truly timeless.



Tel: +44 (0)117 3303542

Email: enquiries@marthajackson.co.uk