4 ways to wear a brooch - a fresh perspective

4 ways to wear a brooch - a fresh perspective

Spring is a time for change - a time to revitalise our lives. And of course, at the turn of any season, we start evaluating our wardrobe. Does it still represent who we are? Do we need more colour? Does it still flatter us?

But sometimes, simply changing up the way you wear your jewellery is enough to make you feel... well... just better.

Let's talk about the brooch - a somewhat forgotten charm. We're not sure that there's any other accessory that serves as such a direct expression of personality.

Martha Jackson ladies know themselves well. They know what suits them and makes them feel good. They carefully pick jewellery that radiates their true self.

So, that brooch. You know, the one that you pin to your lapel or cardigan every so often? The one that everyone notices? The one that is so very 'you'? Let's breathe some life back into it with these fresh new ways to wear it:

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1. Brooch hair, don’t care 

Tucking your brooch behind a simple bun will be a wonderful, effortless extension of you.

2. Step in a new direction 

Flats + brooch = shoe envy. An inevitable conversation starter.

3. A pop to your collar 

Transforming a plain old chain into a statement of your character? Well, that’s date night covered.

 4. Bags of potential 

When your handbag says ‘hi, this is me’, you're doing something right.

 Care to share any of your own ideas? Let us know in the comments below.


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