What do you give the man that has everything? METEORITE JEWELLERY

What do you give the man that has everything? METEORITE JEWELLERY

So your man is hard to buy for, fact.

We all have men in our lives that make us squirm with 'present pressure' every times a birthday or Christmas comes around. They never know what they want, but they know they don't want it once you have given it to them, the 'what is this for?!!' face has been shown to me on far to many gifting occasions for me not to take the matter seriously. And now, finally, I have THE SOLUTION!

What do all men like?

  1. Star Wars
  2. Aliens
  3. Time travel
  4. Doctor Who
  5. Lord of the Rings
  6. Superman
  7. Having something that none of their mates have....

'Present pressure' is no longer your problem, you have found the perfect gift for him.. and its Meteorite jewellery

I know Meteorite jewellery might not sound perfect for every man, afterall they don't all wear jewellery BUT, they will want to wear this, so that is always on hand as a conversation starter. For example their football team isn't doing so well, its a sore point, they need to change topic and quickly..

'So My Mrs gave me this ring, its made from a Meteorite from space, it landed on earth over 100, 000 years ago!' 

Now here at martha jackson we are incredibly lucky to have Marcus Pearce on the team. He is a man that knows the men, that know where to find things! He knows several Indiana Jones type fellas who jet off round the world finding rare fossils (two entire Mammoths found in Mexico), digging up meteorite and basically going where no normal person would end up in their lives! Because of this we are extremely lucky to be able to sell this rare, and rather fabulous Meteorite Jewellery, and will be working on some fossil based gifts for men soon too!

We have selected designs to suits all tastes - everything from Cufflinks - for business days & special occasions, a watch, rings and necklaces - for everyday. Meteorite jewellery is the perfect gift for someone who has everything, made in space, available on Earth.

These are my three favourite pieces, but be quick, they often sell out as quick as they come in!

1. Our Faceted Meteorite Ring is made from a single piece of meteorite. The Ring itself is cut out from a piece of meteorite meaning the ring has never been broken, giving these rings a sense of eternity.

2. The small dog tag is a crazy £95 and its a subtle small necklace that even a die-hard 'I don't do jewellery' man could make an exception for. A simple slab of meteorite shows of the the amazing Widmanstätten patterns, only found in this type of meteorite. You can choose the chain length that would suit, or go for a bolder larger size!


3. The bullet style necklace is so cool because it is encrusted with another rare green moldavite meteorite - which reminds me of Superman and Kryptonite ! There are 3 bullet style necklaces available, but this is my favourite!

How we source the Meteorite

Crashing to Earth over 110 000 year ago in northen Sweden the Muonionalusta Meteorites are thought to be one of the oldest materials on the planet.

The meteorites are not only extremely rare, they are almost always buried! To make finding the specimens just a little harder Swedish law dictates that a license must be obtained, and then those pieces buried in the perma-frost must be excavated by hand.

Iron nickel meteorites, like the Muonionsalusta generally start as the very core of a planet, the amazing Widmanstätten patterns (unearthly metallic grids in shimmering shades of grey and silver seen when the meteorite is sliced) are formed only in space. The molten metal of a planet’s core is cooled to form this metal at one degree per million years, then when the iron is removed the striking nickel crystal formations can be seen. We then rhodium plate the meteorite to protect the meteorite to preserve the formations. 

During ancient times meteorite was considered far more valuable than gold. Tutankhamen was found with meteorite daggers in his tomb and the ancient myth of Thor’s hammer, has been attributed to prized rare meteorite.

We know where every piece of our Meteorite has come from, and we provide a certificate to prove it.



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