Jewellery Sets make the best gifts - fact!

Jewellery Sets make the best gifts - fact!

OK so I've said it. If you are planning your christmas shopping already (Sorry, I know its too early, but I am a pre-planner type) Jewellery sets might well be a gifting solution for all your lady friends, sisters, daughters, grandma's and Mums.  

Jewellery sets are combinations of two or more of the following - necklace, earrings, ring  and / or bracelet in the same style. They give the wearer complete flexibility, you can go all matchy, matchy and wear the lot in one, which gives great impact to a look, perfect for an evening out  - or you can choose to wear each item separately for a more toned down, subtle daytime look.

Jewellery comes in a million different styles, so you are never not going to find the perfect match for your loved one - You just have to keep your eyes peeled. Here are some of two of our favourites, calla Lily set by Emma Kate Francis, gold red sapphire clover necklace and earrings, from 


The other reason Jewellery sets make a great gift is ..... you can buy the lot and split them over over different gifting occasions, earrings for birthday, ring for anniversary, necklace for Christmas, Bracelet... just because. This gives you the gifting edge - you become the ever so thoughtful person who never forgets. (winner!)

The other great use of a Jewellery Set for a gift, from a Bride to Bridesmaids!

Bridesmaids By Becky Kerr Photography

There is now a trend to buy a gift for your potential bridesmaids with a 'will you be my bridesmaid?'  message, then its expected that on the day of the wedding itself, another gift of love will come there way. A jewellery set can be bought, and divided to create both gifts - with the bonus that all your lovely Bridesmaids will have matching jewellery to wear on your special day!

Even the Mother-in-law and Mother of the Bride would be chuffed to bits with a jewellery set - rather than a massive bunch of flowers for them to lug around all day - and try to remember to take home after a few too many sherries. A Jewellery set can be slipped quietly into a bag or pocket, and actually kept!



The Perfect Bridesmaids Jewellery Sets!

Lockets are also a great gift for Bridesmaids - but thats another story... See a previous blog post 


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