STOP PRESS - Autumn is here! VERY surprising fun facts about Autumn

STOP PRESS - Autumn is here!

Wow that came around quick, the kids were actually kicking leaves on their way to school today, and our conker collection is out of control! Which is why now is the time to share a few wonderful fun facts about Autumn.

1. It's beautiful. In my opinion the best season for colour.
2. Conkers left in the house stop spiders (this may not be a fact but my Mum told me this was true - so thats good enough for me.
3. Kicking leaves, and jumping in leaf piles is the best fun
4. You get to update your wardrobe - because ALL the magazines are telling you to.
5. The countdown for Christmas begins (now this is a marmite thing - some people say TOO SOON, but I love getting ready for Christmas almost as much as I love Christmas....)
6. You can stand an egg upright! There are only two days of the year when you can stand an egg on its end, the autumn (23rd September 2104) and spring equinox. Try it - the egg doesn't even need to be hard boiled.

We love leaves and Autumn here at Martha Jackson - and to prove it, here is a showcase (below) of some of my favourite pieces from our Real Leaves Collection. We have necklaces from only £20, Brooches or Pins from £25 and Earrings From £25 Also for more visual Autumn eye candy follow our Pinterest board Autumn Days from Summer Haze

Each leaf is a unique, hand crafted piece of wearable art, therefore sizes and shapes will vary slightly leaf to leaf. Because the leaves are hand picked no two pieces will ever be exactly the same! We hand paint the surface of each leaf with a copper based paint. Once the natural surface is coated with copper metal we are able to electro form silver or gold onto the leaves. The result is a beautiful leaf, preserved forever. 

Note: These leaves are to worn, not kicked or rolled about in!




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