How to make a Locket the most treasured gift you give this year!

How to make a Locket the most treasured gift you give this year!

Lockets are having a revival, becoming the go to gift for the style savvy.

With modern styling, a little love and thought, a locket can make one of the best, most appreciated, and treasured gifts.

A locket looks beautiful as a pendant, but when opened, becomes so much more! 

Photographs of your nearest and dearest, can be popped inside, and kept close to your heart.

Perhaps add a small hand written note, a secret message that makes the gift of a locket so much more meaningful. 

Lockets come in all shapes and sizes, but popular heart shaped lockets make great sentimental gifts - Can't you remember 'Annie' with Daddy Warbucks!


Oval lockets =  stylish simplicity

More ideas to help personalise a locket.

  • Give a locket to a Mum or Gran, with pictures of the kiddies, and you will see them welling up.
  • Give a locket to your loved one with your picture in one side and an 'I love you' note in the other and you will always be in the good books.
  • Try using the locket as a wonderful way of asking your friends to be your bridesmaids... A simple hand written note inside should do the trick!
  • Perhaps enclose a curl of hair from a first haircut on one side and a cute baby photo on the other - the perfect Mothers Day gift!
  • Cut your favourite romantic location from a vintage map, and add a photo of the sunset, or you together on the otherside.
  • Or if you are Angelina Jolie (Billy Bob Era) just add a vial of blood...

These are three of our top selling Martha Jackson lockets - just so you can see what other people are buying and gifting.

With Martha Jackson there is also the option of creating a cluster necklace, add a key charm, a letter charm or pearls - to make the gift you give truly personal and unique.

Please share with us photographs of you wearing your lockets on twitter and instagram use the #marthajackson as we'd love to see what ideas you have used to make your lockets extra special.


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