Pintrest is this new new hoarders paradise?

Pintrest is this new new hoarders paradise?
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I come from a family prone to 'collecting', and when I say collecting I mean chin deep in 'stuff', boxes of cards from birthdays gone, mementoes from school, my children's teeth (that the tooth fairy left behind...), and I am seen as the 'minimalist' in my family!

I had an Aunt who died in a bedsit surrounded by boxes, 3 deep, and four high with only a thin walk way from the door to the bed. When she died we had to unpack those boxes, and to see what she kept was crazy. Unworn bras from the 1960s, seven birdwatching books, tapestries - never finished (hundreds of them) books unread, pristine stationary, scarves, gloves, accessories. It was tragic that there were all these brand new 'things' taking up space in her life, blocking her from living it fully, dragging her down.

I wonder if Pintrest had been around when my Aunt was, whether she could have substituted her hoarding, with pintrest boards? She could have created a board for each of her hobbies and desires, and filled them limitlessly.

Is Pintrest part of the solution or part of the problem?

Pintrest is new to me and I am falling in love. The problem is it sucks you in to a vortex of loveliness, images of perfect and unreal beauty. Glossy homes, rosy cheeked children, perfect hair, nails, teeth. I can have it ALL, in a box, to love and look at later. But is this still hoarding?

I wonder whether there is a self help group for people that never come up for air..... Pintrest Anonymous.

As you can see I love Jewellery , accessories and gifting - and would love to find more boards to follow that will pull me down the rabbit hole.

Please come and join me in my obsession and follow my boards - then I can peek into yours.

Martha Jackson Pintrest  I have only just started this board!!! But will be adding to it daily, hourly...

Lily Charmed Pintrest Love this one for our sister site - see a screen shot of it above.

Scream Pretty Pintrest Another That I have just started.... Have I mentioned its addictive?


If you haven't joined Pintrest yet have a snoop - its great to make an on-line scrapbook of ideas for anything and everything, and each image links back to the original site (mostly) so you can always head back to buy or browse at a later date..

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  • What a great blog! I too have been trapped in the vortex , not just Pinterest, but the entire Internet :o And sorry to say, don’t have an answer – is Pinterest a problem or solution? I find the pins most frustrating that do NOT provide the original source :( Lucky for me, one pin DID lead to you in a round about way – Pinterest to Not on the High Street – to Google – to Martha Jackson. Now, is that SO lucky? I had been looking for angel wing wall decor – which has been sold out on NOTHS – only to discover a trinket (winged locket) that I may not be able to live without :o Your designs are brilliant. Keep up the good work!

    Sandy on

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