Must Have Jewellery 2014 - Summer Accessories Trends

Must Have Jewellery 2014 - Summer Accessories Trends

Having launched Martha Jackson only a week ago, you can imagine how many beautiful items of jewellery I have had to gaze at lovingly, and try not to buy for myself! So it has been a pleasure to create an edit of our Martha Jackson accessories that fit the Summer Accessories trends hitting all the fashion magazine right now!

Silver Statement Earrings
An understated outfit can be brought bang up to date with power earrings. These Spiral leaf earrings, Twig branch earrings or urban armour earrings fit the bill. Wear only one if you want to be on trend for 2014.


Layered Charm Jewellery
Choose various lengths of chain, to create a layered affect with your charm necklaces. Martha Jackson offer a standard chain, and a long - so it makes it easy to layer up! Add points for impact by mixing metal too.


Festival Fashion Accessories
These through Chain earrings in sterling silver, are perfect festival fashion. Fun, fabulous earrings, that are light, and easy to wear (for days on end if required!) The one earring only trend applies here too, wear one that dangles, and a stud in the other ear, mismatched earrings are still the must have jewellery of 2014.

Love Lockets

Lockets seem so 'yester-year' but are making a massive comeback. Who doesn't want a meaningful piece of jewellery that can layer up with statement pieces to create a unique look! Retro cool. The locket also makes the perfect gift for a lady of any age.


Silver Rings
After months of attempting the midi-ring fad (and loosing them, ALL of them) the standard ring that fits over the knuckle is back. Choose your ring with care and you will wear it for years to come, rather than minutes...


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