Three super wearable jewellery trends

Jewellery trends come and go, but at Martha Jackson, we like to bring you on-trend pieces with a classic twist – pieces that will stand the test of time. So, here’s three of our favourite jewellery trends and how to wear them the MJ way:

1. Minimalist

‘Naked’ jewellery is certainly having a moment. Gone are the days of oversized, embellished bibs – now it’s all about delicacy. These ‘barely there’ styles are flattering for all and make a gorgeous, subtle statement. And given they’re so inexpensive, quality is key – don’t settle for pieces that will turn your ears green.

2. Ear cuffs & climbers

Edgy but tasteful – fake multiple piercings with these ingenious styles. Team them with a simple LBD for a perfect fusion of classic and current. 

3. Pearl

Timeless, but never boring – pearls are back on the catwalk. Update your style and push traditional boundaries with these fresh ways of wearing the gem. 

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