Why our new collection is causing a stir

Our new collection – The Art of Pavé – is causing a bit of a stir in MJ circles. One of our most popular launches to date, you all seem to be loving our new addition. Why so popular? Well let us tell you a bit more about it.


Pavé (pronounced pah-vay) is – perhaps unsurprisingly – the French word for ‘paved’ or ‘cobblestone’. And what we’re talking about here, is a gorgeous paving of cubic zirconia, squeezed together so tightly that it has to done under a microscope. Wowzers.

What we end up with is a piece that shimmers and shines in any light, without looking tacky or cheap.

Vintage charm

Pave was a real hit in the 1940s – but back then they used diamond chips. We have the Swiss watch companies to thank for the more sophisticated paving we see today – they pioneered the techniques used to create this amazing collection.

All of the pieces in our range are made from real silver, but we’ve plated them in different colours to accent the shimmering effect. We have 24k gold, rose gold or rhodium on offer – which takes your fancy?

We’ve included some of our awesome on-trend earring styles in the range, with threaders, ear jackets and climbers all making an appearance.

These pieces are so wearable. Precious and impressive without being OTT – it’s no wonder you lot are snapping them up. Get yours here.