A Gift to Say: “I’m Thinking of You”

While the world is in lockdown, it feels like an important time to tell your family and friends how much you care about them. You might not be able to hug through the telephone, but you can still send them a personalised gift to make sure they know you’re thinking of them. Here’s a few of our suggestions:

This Sterling Silver Filigree Tree Locket  is the perfect reminder: its intricate sterling silver details make for an entrancingly magical accessory, and the nature-orientated design reminds recipients of the way they’ll be able to explore the outdoors when this crisis is over. The locket could be entrusted with a personal photo or item to compliment your message.

Silver Beaded Hoop Earrings

Birds are said to symbolise ‘the future’ and ‘freedom’; what a poignant message to accompany a sweet and endearing Little Bird Necklace. For someone in need of comforting message or an expression of hope, this gorgeous little gift delivers a wonderful, positive message.

These Paper Aeroplane Earrings are redolent of the times you sneakily handed friends notes in class. There’s something quite cheeky about the idea of sending a secret paper aeroplane direct to someone’s door, especially during a lockdown. 

Who wouldn’t feel chirpy after receiving a simple – yet elegant – pair of Sunny Weather Earrings. Shining a little light on a friend who needs it, or deserves it, is the least we can do for each other right now. 

We hope that you and your families are safe and well during these testing times. Hopefully, amid our current and upcoming collections, we can continue to inspire a new wave of positive thinking and selflessness.

The Martha Jackson Team x


Caring for your beautiful silver jewellery

Keeping the zing in your bling

There’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you open up a box to find a sparkling new piece of jewellery that you’ve either bought for yourself or a gift which someone has thoughtfully bought for you. The excitement of wearing it for the first time, the compliments you receive from friends and family, often with a touch of envy in their voice, and the number of times you catch yourself admiring it. We all know how great it feels and a large part of the initial joy is the jewellery’s shine and polish. Now, just like any new item, the shine and polish can dull and fade. With silver there are two contributing factors in play, Patina and tarnish.

Tarnish is probably the word that most of us will be familiar with and is certainly what can occur first. Patina is less well known and is a quality of silver as opposed to an issue. The best way to describe Patina would be as a soft, grey, lustrous finish which develops on silver which has both been cared for and well used. In particular, rings often take on Patina which is formed by tiny marks on the silver. These marks are acquired by silver as it is a soft metal, similar to gold, and form what is often called a “living finish”.

Unlike Patina, tarnish is the result of a chemical reaction and is predominately easy to remove. Definitely not something to be worried or concerned about. So let’s look at what causes silver to tarnish

A breath of fresh air

Unfortunately the biggest cause of silver tarnishing is all around us and we couldn’t live without it. The very air that we breathe contains elements like oxygen and sulphur which react with silver. This reaction creates the dull film on the surface of the silver ranging from light yellow to black which we all know as tarnish. This will even happen if you keep your jewellery in a box and only wear it occasionally. Ask any jewellery shop, they will tell you that they are constantly polishing all the stock on display. Silver can also be tarnished by sea water, swimming pools and soaps.

Help is at hand

There’s no need to panic or move to the moon, where the lack of atmosphere would prevent your favourite necklace dulling, the solution is in your hands, literally. The best way to remove light tarnish is with a simple polishing cloth. These can be easily found in shops and online. It doesn’t even need to be done frequently. In fact, the more you wear your jewellery the less attention it should require. Naturally occurring oils in our skin can actually clean your jewellery as you wear it. What a brilliant excuse for wearing more and often! If you are using a polishing cloth, here are a few simple rules;

  • Invest in a silver polishing cloth, never use tissues or paper towels
  • Gently polish in the direction of the grain of the silver
  • Never polish in circles
  • Keep you cloth in an airtight bag, usually supplied with the cloth
  • Avoid getting dirt and dust on your cloth, especially abrasive grits
  • Use an old toothbrush to get into hard to reach areas
  • Always wash your hands afterwards

Are really good and cost effective (cheap) polishing cloth is available from Goddards. They also supply cleaning liquids.

When the going gets tough

If your silver is heavily tarnished or you have just dug up a Viking bangle from your back garden you may need to use a cleaning liquid. Again, these can be easily found in shops or online. There should be more specific instructions accompanying these products as they can contain some robust cleaning chemicals and should be used carefully. Alternatively here are some homemade recipes you can try;

  • A baking soda and water paste that’s rubbed onto the silver
  • Lemon juice and olive oil used to rub onto the silver
  • Baking soda and white vinegar used to soak your jewellery in before polishing

Always clean any polish off your silver jewellery after cleaning, by running under a tap and drying off.

Don’t have nightmares

The most important thing to remember about tarnish is that it is very easy to remove and should in no way spoil your enjoyment of your jewellery. What really counts is how much each piece means to you or the thought that went into buying you the gift. In every life a little rain must fall, but you only get a rainbow when it rains…


Why our new collection is causing a stir

Our new collection – The Art of Pavé – is causing a bit of a stir in MJ circles. One of our most popular launches to date, you all seem to be loving our new addition. Why so popular? Well let us tell you a bit more about it.


Pavé (pronounced pah-vay) is – perhaps unsurprisingly – the French word for ‘paved’ or ‘cobblestone’. And what we’re talking about here, is a gorgeous paving of cubic zirconia, squeezed together so tightly that it has to done under a microscope. Wowzers.

What we end up with is a piece that shimmers and shines in any light, without looking tacky or cheap.

Vintage charm

Pave was a real hit in the 1940s – but back then they used diamond chips. We have the Swiss watch companies to thank for the more sophisticated paving we see today – they pioneered the techniques used to create this amazing collection.

All of the pieces in our range are made from real silver, but we’ve plated them in different colours to accent the shimmering effect. We have 24k gold, rose gold or rhodium on offer – which takes your fancy?

We’ve included some of our awesome on-trend earring styles in the range, with threaders, ear jackets and climbers all making an appearance.

These pieces are so wearable. Precious and impressive without being OTT – it’s no wonder you lot are snapping them up. Get yours here.


Three super wearable jewellery trends

Jewellery trends come and go, but at Martha Jackson, we like to bring you on-trend pieces with a classic twist – pieces that will stand the test of time. So, here’s three of our favourite jewellery trends and how to wear them the MJ way:

1. Minimalist

‘Naked’ jewellery is certainly having a moment. Gone are the days of oversized, embellished bibs – now it’s all about delicacy. These ‘barely there’ styles are flattering for all and make a gorgeous, subtle statement. And given they’re so inexpensive, quality is key – don’t settle for pieces that will turn your ears green.

2. Ear cuffs & climbers

Edgy but tasteful – fake multiple piercings with these ingenious styles. Team them with a simple LBD for a perfect fusion of classic and current. 

3. Pearl

Timeless, but never boring – pearls are back on the catwalk. Update your style and push traditional boundaries with these fresh ways of wearing the gem. 

Show us how you wear MJ by tagging us on Instagram (@marthajacksonjewellery).


The MJ Summer Lookbook

If you can’t yet feel the hum of summer, our new lookbook should put you in the spirit.


How to turn a simple gift into a cherished keepsake

Naturally, we’re very proud of our range of sterling silver jewellery here at MJ HQ, but we do realise that sometimes you want to go the extra mile and turn an everyday gift into something that will be kept and treasured forever.

Well, there’s one easy way to make sure that happens: make it personal. And luckily for you, here at MJ we have dozens of personalisation options.

So here’s how to create the perfect sentimental gift in 5 easy steps: 

1. Pick a locket

Our lockets range in size and style – there really is something for everyone. But here’s one of our favourites:

2. Add a letter

With matte, shiny, silver and gold options, adding their initial (or the initial of someone special to them) will certainly give your gift that all important personal touch.

 3. Add a charm

Are they a yogi? A free spirit? The key to your heart? A born explorer? We have a charm for every quirk. Here’s our faves:

 4. Engrave a message

Here’s where it gets really special. For only £5, we can engrave a message of your choosing, up to [insert number] of characters. An almost guaranteed tear jerker, here’s one of the messages we’ve engraved:

5. Add your own photo

And of course, what are lockets for if not to store a beloved photo of family or friends?

So, there we have it. Click here to start creating your own special gift – we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Our Ultimate Top 5 Best Sellers

Here at Martha Jackson, there’s certain items we see flying off the shelves time and time again. We’ve rounded up five of the favourites for you to feast your eyes on:

1. Sterling Silver Secret Message Ring – £20

Bang at the top of our list is our sterling silver secret message ring. With an option to add your own secret text inside the ring, it’s easy to see why these have been such a hit. 

2. Mixed Metal Spinning Hearts Ring – £35

Our spinning rings caused quite a stir when they first launched in 2015. And this particular number has remained at the top of our best sellers list. You guys seem to love wearing these as thumb rings and finger toppers!

3. Silver Vintage Heart Locket – £37

 The perfect gift? You guys seem to think so. The vintage charm of this locket and the many ways that it can be personalised, has sent it soaring into our top five. 

4. Sterling Silver Angel Wings Earrings – £18

When you combine trendy with a symbol of love and protection, a best seller is born. These earrings have been selling like hot cakes since day one.

5. Sterling Silver Star Ear Crawlers – £24

One of our newest additions, these trendy ear crawlers have quickly moved their way up to a top spot on our list of best sellers. 

So, there we have it. That’s the lot. Which is your favourite? Fancy any of these for yourself? Or perhaps there’s a birthday or special occasion coming up that these would be perfect for? Let us know in the comments!


Why our Spitfire cufflinks took three years to make

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding our new Spitfire cufflinks. Why? Because they’re made from the engine of a real Spitfire that defended our country in the Battle of Britain. Wow.

These cufflinks have been lovingly made over three long years from the Rolls Royce Merlin engine of an MK1 Spitfire. Impressed yet? Wait, there’s more…

This Spitfire was the 12th ever made and it defended our little country on a daily basis in 1940, when the Germans repeatedly tried to bomb the UK. That’s right, this plane was a bit of a hero.

We used 3D printing technology to make exact miniature replicas of the MK1 Spitfire – probably one of the most iconic, recognisable pieces of British engineering – and double cast them with sterling silver fittings to make them extra special for you guys. You can also have your initials engraved in the bottom.

In these uncertain times, our Spitfire cufflinks certainly make us proud to be British. These are an ideal gift for military or ex military servicemen.

Given the uniqueness of these cufflinks, they are limited to just a few hundred pairs. Get yours here.


How to make the perfect cluster necklace

It’s no secret that there has been a surge of popularity for charm bracelets over the past couple of years. But why?

Well, that’s because every charm bracelet is unique, personalised and holds sentimental value.

But everyone has a charm bracelet, right? So why not try something different? Cluster necklaces are a wonderful way to express yourself and Martha Jackson will shortly be launching a beautiful range of necklace add-ons, allowing you to create your own spectacular, personalised design.

Here’s a guide to putting them together:

Pick a statement piece

This is the foundation of your cluster necklace. The piece that best represents who you are.

Add a charm or two

Adding a charm is a great way to symbolise an important life event. Perhaps a pair of wings to represent your new found freedom? Or a letter to represent the birth of your first child?

Add a real pearl

Set off your cluster with a real pearl. We have a beautiful selection of real add-on pearls coming your way very soon.

Or shop our ready-made selection

And of course, there’s always the option to shop our ready-made selection of gorgeous cluster necklaces? Click here to shop.

Keep an eye on – our selection of add-ons will be launched very soon!


Five unique wedding favour ideas

It’s officially wedding season. And if you’re one of the lucky brides to be, we’re sure you’re utterly wrapped-up in table plans, centrepieces, readings and of course, organising favours for the wedding party.

So just for a minute, let us do the hard work for you. We’ve trawled the internet and found five wonderful and unique wedding favour ideas. Put your feet up and enjoy:

1. Personalised wedding plectrum – £45 (Melinda Mulcahy)

We love the simplicity and quirkiness of this personalisable plectrum. This is sure to be a hit with the musically-gifted.

2. Wedding handkerchief – £12 (Nicola Rowlands)

Such a beautiful sentiment and perfect for your closest friends (warning – may cause actual tears).

3. Personalised locket – from £30 (Martha Jackson)

Shameless plug alert – our selection of personalisable lockets are sure to put a smile on the faces of your gorgeous bridesmaids.

4. Personalised flower girl heart – £16 (Giddy Kipper)

Let’s be honest. After the bride, the flower girl is almost certainly the star of the show. We loooove this adorable personalisable wooden heart – something they’ll be sure to keep forever.

5. Personalised handmade book message – £27.95 (Amber Marie)

A real keepsake. The gorgeous personalised leather books open up to reveal a pop-up personal message. What is there not to like?

Would you consider any these items for your special day? Or perhaps you’ve come across something else spectacular? We’d love you to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments.